Jul 29 2014


Our kitchen is one of the most lived in rooms of our house.  It is in plain view when you walk in the front door and it is open to the living and dining rooms.  So naturally, it was one of the first things Brandon attacked when he moved in.

kitchen before

kitchen - before

In the beginning it was in decent condition, but very dated.  There was a drop ceiling with florescent lighting that made the space feel very cramped.  That, along with the flooring, counter tops, and backsplash had to go.  And go they did!

kitchen remodel

I would like to have been there for this part.  The destruction, the purging out of the old and nasty, can be so fun and fulfilling!

The drop ceiling was ripped out which involved all sorts of electrical work and carpentry.  Since he was so new at all this, Brandon actually hired a friend/contractor to help with that part and I think he was really glad he did.  There is always more hiding under the surface than you expect with a project like this and Brandon learned quite a bit through the process.  Again, I would like to have been there for this part as well . . . I’m here now though, so it all worked out the way it should.  :)

The next to go was the countertop, sink, and backsplash.

kitchen demo

kitchen demo

kitchen restore

kitchen restore backsplash

kitchen restore countertopOne of my favorite changes he made was the sink.  It is the perfect size and it looks great.  I love it!

kitchen restore sink

So after quite a bit of work, this is what it looked like:

kitchen restore

kitchen restore

kitchen restoreWhat a difference!

Even though it wasn’t finished, about this time the work slowed WAY down.  This is actually what the kitchen still looked like when I met Brandon, several years later.  (No cabinet doors!)  Since then we have been working like crazy and we’re getting close to a finished product.  I can’t wait to show you what we’ve done!

Check out the update here!

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