Jul 14 2014


Our house on closing day. Not too bad from the outside.

Brandon bought this house before we met. It was in foreclosure so he got a great deal, but it was definitely not pretty. There were holes in the walls, leaks, stains, unexplainable smells, and check out that nasty pink carpet. It was everywhere!

pink carpet! and the weird wooden column.

pink carpet and a weird column right in the middle of the living room.

more pink carpet! and wall paper!

the dining room with more pink carpet and awesome wallpaper

a bedroom, with more of that beautiful carpet

a bedroom, with even more of that beautiful carpet

Brandon did quite a bit of work when he first got into the house: demoing, painting, ripping up carpet, removing wall paper, updating electrical. The kitchen was a beast! A lot of it was definitely learn-as-you-go type work.

the kitchen before

the kitchen before

the kitchen during renovation

the kitchen during renovation

After about a year in the house, Brandon decided to go back to school so the house renovation slowed down. Then, a few years into school, his first marriage ended. The weight of school and divorce definitely took its toll, both on Brandon and on the house. There were a couple of years when nothing was done.

When I met him, I was a bit amazed at the different states of completion throughout the house. Brandon had done some beautiful stained concrete floors in several rooms and had added some great details here and there. At the same time, he had never once used the master bathroom. The tub and shower were not in working order and the toilet was in the closet. Yep. The closet.

carpet in the bathroom!? yuck!

carpet in the bathroom!? yuck!

I had owned a small home with my first husband several years ago. Painting, updating, and just working around the house in general were always my favorite ways to spend free time. Since becoming a single mom, though, I had only rented. The boys and I had lived in little apartments, with friends, and even with my parents for a while (what a high point for my self-esteem that was, let me tell you!). I knew that I missed having a place of my own to do with as I pleased. I just never realized how much I missed it until I met Brandon and saw the work he had done on his place.

As we got to know each other and our lives began to get a little brighter, our passion for renewing the spaces around us was reborn. Many date nights involved painting, power tools, and hard work. It was therapeutic, both for the house and for our souls. We were finally seeing some restoration of the brokenness that had stolen away so many years.

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