Nov 16 2014

So it’s been a little while.

October was crazy.  I’m thinking November and December will probably be about the same. We’ll see how that affects the progress around here…

Quick update on where we are with the kitchen:

We got our cabinet doors!


There are 38 of them.  THIRTY. EIGHT. All of them need to be sanded, primed, painted, and finished.  Front and back.  What were we thinking?!

Side note:  Brandon wanted me to make sure to add that the doors are stile and rail construction and they are made from solid paint grade maple. The panel is floating and made of maple veneer plywood.  So if you were wondering, now you know. ;)

Working on them has been fun, but slow going.  We have set up a work station in the garage. Brandon sands, I paint, then we repeat.  To do everything front and back feels like it will take forever!

Our Work Station

We did a little research on how to save time and found this article from This Old House:

Hanging Cabinet Doors

We couldn’t hang the doors exactly like this, but we had several hanging hooks that fit just right into the hole already drilled for the hinges.  So we primed the back of several doors and let them dry for about an hour.

Painting Cabinet Doors - Hook

Cabinet Doors Drying

Then we were able to prime the fronts of the doors while they were propped on the hooks.

Painting Cabinet Doors

Once both sides were primed, we hung them on our garage shelving so both sides could dry at once.  After we figured that out, things went much faster.

Painted Cabinet Doors - Hanging To Dry

Painted Cabinet Doors - Hanging To Dry

We will repeat the same process for both coats of paint, and the top coat.

Just for fun, we took a time-lapse of painting one of the first doors.  Bonus points if you can guess what movie is playing on the iPad.


I’m ready to see the doors finished and hanging in the kitchen!